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Dems welcome ALP support for allowing Kosovo refugees to stay.

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Media Release

Senator Andrew Bartlett

Australian Democrats Immigration Spokesperson



14 JULY 1999


Dems welcome ALP support for allowing Kosovo refugees to stay


The Democrats have always opposed forcing the Kosovar Albanian refugees to leave agai nst their will, said Senator Andrew Bartlett the Democrats’ immigration spokesperson.


“The Prime Minister was there welcoming the refugees at the airport when they arrived. Will he be there waving them goodbye if they are forcibly deported?” asked Senator Bartlett.


“The Government created a new class of refugee visa for the 4,000 Kosovo Albanians refugees specifically to give the Government the legal standing to remove them at a future time,” said Senator Bartlett.


“These refugees have ‘use-by’ dates. Presently haven is temporary and they are not allowed to apply for permanent residency unless they first leave Australia again. It is unacceptable that their fate is at the mercy of the immigration Minister without right of appeal.”


The Democrats welcomed Federal Opposition calls to allow the refugees to stay in Australia. More than half the refugees at Sydney’s East Hills Safe Haven have said they want to stay.



For further information contact Senator Andrew Bartlett on 0418 743 789

or Daele Healy on (07) 3252 7101



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