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Ruddock slams empty rhetoric and hits back with facts [Canberra]

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Media Release


The Hon. Philip Ruddock, MP

Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs






The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Philip Ruddock, today embarked on the A.C.T. leg of a national campaign aimed at putting some truth back into the immigration debate.


In Canberra today, Mr Ruddock said that he was in the process of visiting every State and Territory to launch an information kit which sets out the facts on immigration so that people can make informed judgements about the issues.


“This first stage of the campaign has been about getting the facts out into the community. It has been so successful that I have decided there will be a second phase, details of which will be announced shortly.


“This second stage will give people the opportunity to stand united against the threats to Australia’s multicultural society and to speak with one voice.


“It will include a speaker’s kit that will enable every Australian, whether at home or at work, to convey the truth about immigration and the success of our immigration program and culturally diverse society.”


“This success is highlighted by new independent research conducted by Access Economics into the performance of businesses established by business migrants who entered Australia between 1992 and 1996.


“The research demonstrates that firms established by these migrants had an average net worth of $600,000, created an average of 6.5 jobs, had average annual export sales of $365,000, and transferred more than $962 million in funds and assets into Australia”.


Commenting on the immigration debate, Mr Ruddock said seriously flawed information was being spread about the Migration Program - ideas and policies which have more to do with slick rhetoric than substance.


“It has become difficult for people to distinguish fact from fiction in the debate about immigration and cultural diversity. However, this kit corrects and clarifies misinformation about Australia’s immigration and settlement programs as well as issues associated with the cultural diversity of our population.


Australian Immigration: The Facts , first released in 1997, has been updated with new statistics and material which addresses the myths that have, in recent times, been repeatedly given public voice.


“I am taking every opportunity to talk to members of the community and the media about Australia’s immigration and multicultural affairs policies and programs to dispel the seriously flawed information that is being spread”.


Mr Ruddock said the new Client Service Charter and the Public Service Charter complemented Australian Immigration: The Facts by underlining the Government’s commitment to helping to ensure the protection and safe-keeping of Australia’s culturally diverse society.


“My Department’s Client Service Charter , sets out standards of service which clients can expect from the Department and provides an avenue to comment on that performance.


“The Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society aims to ensure that all Commonwealth Government services are responsive to the needs of our culturally diverse society.


“From time to time we all need to be reminded of the important role immigration has played in building our nation and the benefits our multicultural heritage have given to all Australians,” Mr Ruddock said.


“This campaign will do just that — it is a campaign built on fact, not fiction, and will inject some truth into the current debate.”



Friday 31 July 1998


Media inquiries : Brad Robinson 0419 278 715


Editor’s note: Copies of Australian Immigration: The Facts , The Client Service Charter and the Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society are available from the DIMA Public Affairs Section, telephone (02) 6264 2244.


Australian Immigration: The Facts is also available on the Minister’s website at: