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NFF gives in principle support for emissions trading.

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The National Farmers’ Federation has given in principle support for the concept of emissions trading in Australia.


Giving evidence today to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment, Recreation and the Arts, the NFF called for more scientifically based research to be undertaken to establish how emissions trading would affect Australian agriculture.


NFF’s Executive Director, Dr Wendy Craik, said agriculture had a particular stake in emissions trading because of farming’s ability to provide “carbon sinks”.


“Carbon sinks have multiple benefits, including addressing environmental degradation such as erosion and salinity, and in providing profits for farms through farm forestry”, Dr Craik said.


“Any emissions trading market must allow for the participation of all players, from big industry to the smallest farmers”, she said,


“We need more information on how such a market would work, because we are concerned that any emissions trading regime should not compromise the rural sectors’ competitiveness”.


Any emissions trading regime must not send out perverse signals. A poorly constructed scheme could set up barriers to farmers clearing woody weeds, or provide an incentive for farmers to clear valuable native vegetation and natural re-growth to develop carbon sink plantations”. Dr Craik said.


“NFF does not support the introduction of a carbon tax. We are concerned that the current income tax system has the potential to render a regime of tradeable quotas unworkable”, she said.


“NFF believes more funding is required to pay for research which would help reduce the uncertainties for our sector associated with measuring emissions from agriculture and the sink capacity of vegetation”.


“NFF would also like to see industry participate in a full cost benefit study of the regulatory impact of a trading scheme and a trial scheme evaluated prior to the introduction of a trading regime”, Dr Craik said.


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