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$5 million boost to telecommunications in South Australia.

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$5 million boost to telecommunications in South Australia


The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts today announced more than $5 million in funding for South Australian Networking the Nation (NtN) telecommunications projects. The funding is part of the Coalition's ongoing plan to improve regional and rural telecommunications throughout Australia.


Senator Alston made the announcement while visiting Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. One of the announced projects is the 'Telecentres for Eyre' initiative.


The towns of Coffin Bay, Elliston, Cowell and Streaky Bay will receive funding if the Coalition wins government to provide equipment such as PCs, printers, scanner and photocopiers, as well as training and technical support, through the establishment of their own Telecentres.


In another significant project announcement, the Local Government Association of South Australia will receive $4,472,000, if the Coalition wins government, to implement a state-wide Local Government Information Economy Strategy providing electronic services and information about all levels of Government.


The project will deliver a 'one-stop-shop' for the wider regional community to access local government services. In addition to cutting edge web-based service delivery, the project will also provide community information, training and coordination across councils.


These projects will further improve telecommunications infrastructure and services throughout the State and are part of the Coalition's ongoing plan for improved communications services throughout Australia.

More detail on the SA projects is attached.


It is the Coalition's intention that deeds to formalise the funding would be signed at the conclusion of the caretaker period of government, once the election result has been declared.


NtN is the Commonwealth Government's five-year Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund. Applications are received from a variety of regional-based groups for projects ranging from mobile telephony through to Internet cafes and training. Since it was established in 1997, over 600 projects totalling nearly $300 million have been funded across Australia.


The program was created by the Coalition in recognition of the challenges facing rural and regional Australia in terms of telecommunications services. Initially funded to the level of $250 million, a further $171 million was provided in 1999. The projects funded under this program are bridging the gap in telecommunications services, access and cost between urban and regional and rural Australia.


These are funds that Labor have voted against and criticised day in and day out. Labor has also refused to sign onto Networking the Nation and other important programs put in place by the Coalition to address telecommunications services and infrastructure in rural and regional Australia. If Labor won Government these funds would be at real risk. It is a matter of record that during the 1998 election campaign Labor promised to stop the Networking the Nation program and pocket the proceeds for general spending rather than re-invest them in regional Australia to improve telecommunications. More recently Labor frontbenchers Simon Crean and Lindsay Tanner have threatened to do away with these important funding initiatives and pocket the proceeds rather than re- invest them in regional telecommunications.


Only the Coalition has clear policies for improving regional and rural telecommunications.


For further information visit the NtN website at or 1800 674 058 (free call). Applications for funding can now be made online through the NtN web site. The next NtN funding round closes on 6 March 2002.


Media contact:                        Annabelle Herd 0408 293 458



E66/01                                                                                                 30 October 2001





Project Code:     SA1998/055

Project : Yorketown Regional Telecentre

Applicant :        Yorketown Progress Association

Primary Contact:                                        Mr Andrew Cheel

Position:                                              Telecentre Coordinator

Phone:                                                            08 8852 1820

Amount Approved :       $50,140

Location:          Yorketown, South Australia         

Project Description:        Additional funding for the Telecentre in Yorketown to cover provision of a regional IT Development Coordinator to promote the uptake of IT on the Southern Yorke Peninsula. The centre provides community access to the internet, online learning, and acts as a youth and community centre, business resource centre, training facility and centre for IT equipment and excellence in Yorketown.



Project Code:     SA2001/231

Project : Morgan Telecentre

Applicant :        Morgan Community Development & Tourism Association Inc

Primary Contact:                                  Mrs Rudite McWaters

Position:                                                 Committee Member

Phone:                                                            08 8540 2283

Amount Approved :       $112,100

Location:          Morgan, South Australia  

Project Description:        Funding is provided to establish a Telecentre in Morgan, which will provide the community with access to online services and information.



Project Code:     SA2001/235

Project : Telecentres for Eyre

Applicant :        Eyre Regional Development Board

Primary Contact:                                         Mr Luke Thomas

Position:                                                     Business Adviser

Phone:                                                            08 8682 6588

Amount Approved :       $374,000

Location:          Coffin Bay, Elliston, Cowell and Streaky Bay.

Project Description:        Establishment of four Telecentres in the towns of Coffin Bay, Elliston, Cowell and Streaky Bay, which will provide these communities with access to online services and information.



Project Code:     SA2001/238

Project : Local Government Electronic Services Program

Applicant :        Local Government Association of South Australia

Primary Contact:                                          Mr John Mundy

Position:                                          IT & T Program Manager

Phone:                                                            08 8224 2061

Amount Approved :       $4,472,000

Location:          Regional SA

Project Description:        Implementation of the Local Government Information Economy Strategy to deliver an online 'one stop shop' for Regional Local Government Services.





Project Code:     SA2001/242

Project : Central Local Government Region of SA Telecommunications Initiative investigation

Applicant :        Central Local Government Region

Primary Contact:                                           Mr Peter Emery

Position:                                                                     CEO

Phone:                                                            08 8842 2558

Amount Approved :       $60,000

Location:          Central, Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula regions in South Australia.

Project Description:        Development of a body of technical specifications and research information for the purpose of tendering for the provision of alternative telecommunications network infrastructure for the Central, Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula regions in South Australia.


Project Code:     MST2001/154

Project : Outback Telecentre Network III

Applicant :        Outback Telecentre Network Inc

Primary Contact:                                     Mr Michael Verwey

Position:                                       Regional Network Manager

Phone:                                                            08 8088 2161

Amount Approved :       $166,000

Location:          SA towns of Marree, Yunta, Oodnadatta, Mintabie

Project Description:        Establishment of a telecentre in Marree which will provide the community with access to online services and information. The project also covers the provision of videoconferencing facilities into existing telecentres in Yunta, Oodnadatta and Mintabie.