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Speed cameras cost Shire residents more than $16,000 per week.

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BL 8 November 2004

Speed Cameras Cost Shire Residents More than $16,000 Per Week

The Federal Member for Cook, Bruce Baird MP, today criticised the NSW Government’s use of speed cameras to raise money for the NSW Treasury. Figures recently released show that speed cameras cost NSW motorists $1 million per week.

“Documents leaked from the NSW Government show that speed cameras are costing residents nearly $16,000 each week in the Shire”

“The worst spot for shire motorists is the speed camera on President Avenue, near the corner of Gymea Bay Road, which stripped local residents of $791,795 in the last financial year”.

“This further strengthens the argument that a considered transport solution for the Shire is a matter of the greatest urgency.”

“At the insistence of Barry Collier, the F6 Motorway has been scrapped, and is earmarked for sale to developers. Meanwhile, local motorists are forced to fight their way through congested roads, where the average speed is below 25 km per hour in peak hour, according to the Government’s own figures. “

“To try to get to work on time, residents are going 5 or 10 km over the speed limit, resulting in fines of hundreds of dollars, and paying their share toward the $827,728 that was collected by Mr Collier and Mr Carr from the speed cameras in Gymea and on Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah”.

“The speed camera on President Avenue also causes a bottleneck each morning and afternoon, as the speed limit drops to just 40 km per hour on this arterial road during school hours”.

“Perhaps Mr Collier might like to look at using the funds from this camera to build a pedestrian bridge at Gymea to keep children safe, while still allowing local motorists to avoid lengthy delays on President Avenue”.

“Mr Collier should also remember that traffic in the Shire is only set to worsen as his Government approves more and more developments in the Shire and the Illawarra, forcing tens of thousands of new vehicles into the Shire over the next 20 years, at the

same time that he is forcing the sale and development of the freeway corridor set aside since 1948”.

The speed cameras on the Princes Highway at Kogarah, which also effect Shire residents commuting to work, were the states highest revenue raisers, with $6.67

MEDIA RELEASE The Hon Bruce Baird MP Federal Member for Cook

million collected from this site in the last financial year, or $18,291.55 each and every day of the year.

“There is no doubt that speed is a major contributing factor in road crashes. The problem with speed cameras is that as revenue increases, accident and fatality rates are not being reduced”.

“The Government needs to commit this money toward driver education and upgrading our States roadways. It is wrong to use this money to balance the budget and cover up the NSW Government’s financial mismanagement of this state”.

“The NSW Government has had vast sums of money flowing into treasury, with $101 million last year from speed camera revenue and billions in the last few years from stamp duty, and yet our hospitals are falling down, police are underpaid and understaffed and our public transport system is in chaos”.

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