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ACTU support welcomed on EESS.

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   The Hon. Peter Reith, MP       Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business       Leader of the House of Representatives       Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

28 June 2000 100/00

ACTU support welcomed on EESS The ACTU is to be commended for telling State Labor Governments to put their hands in their pockets for workers who lose entitlements when their employer goes broke.

The ACTU Congress today resolved that State Labor Governments should introduce a ‘transition’ scheme to fully compensate workers for lost entitlements.

This reinforces the earlier call by the Victorian Trades Hall Council for the Victorian Government to financially support the Federal Government’s Employee Entitlements Support Scheme, and demonstrates again that Labor Premiers have turned their back on Australian workers.

Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Leigh Hubbard said before that “the Victorian Government and other State Governments will look silly if Peter Reith is providing assistance but they refuse to help”.

He was right then, and the ACTU is right now.

The Commonwealth scheme is up and running today, and has already paid workers money.

The opponents of this scheme are not united in their opposition. Steve Bracks, Bob Carr, Jim Bacon and Peter Beattie have no genuine or realistic alternative of their own and their refusal to help workers in need is a disgrace.

They cannot agree on an alternative which they say could replace this scheme.

It is disingenuous of critics to say that employees deserve to be paid all their entitlements and yet steadfastly refuse to support a scheme which gives workers some of their entitlements.

The reason that State Labor Governments can’t bring themselves to agree to a joint scheme with the Howard Government has nothing to do with logic or reason, and everything to do with their resentment of a federal Government acting to do what they pay lip service to doing.

I call on the Labor Premiers to take a genuine step towards helping Australian workers, by matching the Commonwealth dollar for dollar under the Employee Entitlements Support Scheme.

ACTU support Welcomed on EESS (1 of 2) [29/06/2000 1:39:47]

For further information contact: Brett Hogan 0419 484 095.

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ACTU support Welcomed on EESS (2 of 2) [29/06/2000 1:39:47]