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Brown calls for extra $127 million for housing.

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15 October 2001

Brown Calls for Extra $127 million for Housing

“If the rate of growth of stressed households (those paying more than 30% if income on housing) experienced in the last ten years continues then the number of households experiencing stress in metropolitan Australia will double in 15 years and reach nearly 1 million within 20years” - Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Sept 2001

Greens Senator Bob Brown today joined Shane Rattenbury - ACT Greens Legislative of Assembly candidate for Ginninderra in the ACT election - calling for greater attention to be given both locally and Federally, to provision of affordable housing. This involves a reversal to the cut of 15% or $127 million in funding in the current federal budget.

They are calling for

∙ the establishment of a Federal Housing Department. ∙ the development of a new National Housing Strategy, to be developed in consultation with states, territories and housing consumers, homeless people and the private and community sectors. ∙ Article 24 of the Declaration of Human Rights, as it applies to shelter and accomodation to be enshrined in relevant legislation to bind governments to the delivery of this fundamental human right.

“The provision of adequate secure and affordable housing is recognised as one of the central elements to mitigating poverty amongst people on low income,” said Senator Brown

“If a person does not have secure housing they will have little chance of being able to address other life concerns such as health matters, furthering education and training, and seeking employment,” Senator Brown said.

The Greens also called for

∙ More co-housing (homebuilders own land in common) ∙ National housing standards to include insulation and solar hot water heaters. ∙ More smaller houses to take account of smaller family units and singles, including aged people targeted around town and business centres.

∙ Efforts to concentrate affordable housing near vibrant job markets.

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Author: Ben Oquist