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Internet commerce boom for regional Australia.

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The Parliamentary Secretary for Trade

Hon Larry Anthony MP


17 February 1999

Internet Commerce boom for Regional Australia

Parliamentary Secretary for Trade Larry Anthony says regional Australia stands to reap huge rewards from trading on the Internet, which would be "the micro-economic revolution of the 21 st century".

"The Internet should be a major boost for regional Australian firms as they are able to access across not just state boundaries, but also international boundaries."

Mr Anthony was addressing the House of Representatives on the launch of the Government's New Silk Road reports on Internet trade, named after the ancient trade route between Europe and China.

Putting Australia on the New Silk Road and Creating a Clearway on the New Silk Road are available on the Internet at or from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, telephone 02 6261 3114.

"In regional and rural Australia there are some areas which could benefit dramatically from the uptake of electronic or e-commerce, particularly tourism, travel, primary production and niche Australiana products" he said.

"Internet commerce is an avenue where goods can go from the farm gate straight to the retailer, and not through the myriad of distributors who often take a huge chunk of the profit."

"The steam engine gave rise to the Industrial revolution, and in the 1950s the jet engine led to the development of the international tourist market. The next revolution will certainly be in electronic commerce."

"Over 300 million people are now using the Internet compared to two million in 1995. So the actual global value of Internet commerce by the year 2000 will overtake the size of the Australian economy," Mr Anthony told Parliament.

For further information:

Mr Anthony's office: Murray 0417 406 338

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: 02 6261 1555