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Don't listen to Bracks' words, look at his actions: Pearce.

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Don’t listen to Bracks’ words, look at his actions: Pearce

Aston MP Chris Pearce today challenged Premier Steve Bracks to end his hypocrisy following the Premier’s open letter published in Melbourne newspapers last week, which called for more discussion on the latest Australian Health Care Agreement.

“Premier Bracks didn’t talk to the Australian Government before he imposed tolls on the people of the Scoresby Corridor. Nor did Premier Bracks talk to the Australian Government before asking us to break our pledge on the Scoresby Freeway”, Mr Pearce said.

“Premier Bracks says he wants more discussion and co-operation with the Australian Government but the Bracks Government’s track record on the Scoresby Freeway stands in stark contrast to that”, Mr Pearce said.

Mr Pearce called on Premier Bracks to stop trying to shift the blame for his government’s failures on to others, accept his responsibilities and begin delivering on them - starting with building the Scoresby Freeway according to the agreement he signed in October 2001.

“Premier Bracks has wasted taxpayer funds on newspaper ads calling for something that he has failed to do himself - consult”, Mr Pearce said.

“If the Bracks Government was serious about working together for the benefit of the local community, it would be talking with the Australian Government about how to meet its obligations and ensure the Scoresby Freeway is built as agreed to - and without tolls”, Mr Pearce said.


1 September, 2003