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Greens say more than climate change coming.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Greens say more than climate change coming

11th Nov 07

Greens leader Bob Brown says that climate change is much higher on the public agenda than with either major political party.

“The Howard’ government’s neglect of this huge and threatening issue now threatens themselves. The first step to tackling climate change is to change the government 13 days from now,” Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown addressed the huge rally in Sydney and called for a new armistice. He said Australia should lead the world to a new global compact based on equality for all people, guaranteed survival

for our fellow species and taking the interests of our grandchildren into account in every decision we make.

Senator Brown said that voters on November 24th should vote against more coal mines, more logging and burning of forests and more tollways.

“Neither of the old parties will tackle these priority issues - we need a seismic change of thinking at the top. The Greens comprehensive strategy for climate change, with its target of 30% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, will help assure Australia’s economic prosperity as well as its environmental wellbeing,” Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown said that Labor’s Peter Garrett ‘copped some stick’ from the crowd, “but Peter turned up and put Labor’s climate change strategy to the Australia people. Malcolm Turnbull squibbed it. “

“This is a democracy and this is a top issue for people - Howard and Rudd should have been at this rally,” Senator Brown said.

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