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Labor Ministers don't know the issues.

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Labor Ministers don't know the issues

State Labor Ministers for Small Business today failed to engage in constructive dialogue on the impact of the New Tax System on Small Business.

Instead, at today’s Ministerial Council of Small Business Ministers, the Labor Ministers wanted the Commonwealth to fund a study to tell the states what the issues are.

The proposed study was a political exercise that would have only forced small businesspeople to fill out more paperwork.

When challenged to identify issues in relation to the New Tax system, not one of the Labor State Ministers could identify a new or substantive issue.

What makes their call for a study all the more bizarre is that two of the Ministers - Thompson from Victoria and Brown from Western Australia - have themselves initiated “studies” on the impact of the New Tax System.  They have of course trumpeted the results as conclusive yet now appear to be doubting them.

At a Federal level, Labor has also been conducting the Business Activity Statement (BAS) “Inquiry” for the past three to four months.

One can only ask whether or not that “Inquiry” has been able to find out anything at all.

The fact of the matter is that the Commonwealth has been out listening and responding to small business concerns on the transition to the New Tax System.

This is in contrast to the Labor Ministers who are bereft of ideas.  Their calls today for an inquiry were a political stunt.

Not surprisingly, the Labor State Ministers did not want to include the impact of Rollback on small business in their proposed study.


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