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Pan shows urgent need for stricter labeling and regulation.

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Senator Aden Ridgeway Australian Democrats Consumer Affairs Spokesperson

29 April 2003 MEDIA RELEASE 03/264

Pan Shows Urgent Need for Stricter Labeling and Regulation

The Australian Democrats have called for a combination of stricter labelling and tougher regulation in pharmaceuticals manufacturing in the wake of the Pan Pharmaceuticals recall.

Australian Democrats Consumer Affairs Spokesperson, Senator Aden Ridgeway, says consumers have a right to expect complete confidence in the quality and safety of medicines they take.

“We need a three pronged approach to the situation involving strengthening of laws to crack down on dubious medicine manufacturing; clearer and more comprehensive labelling; and stricter regulations by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA),” said Senator Ridgeway.

“While we applaud the TGAs action in suspending Pan Pharmaceutical’s licence, this situation has been aggravated by the scattergun approach to releasing information about the recall which has caused maximum panic and chaos from the boardrooms to the bathrooms of Australia.

“All morning, I have heard the airwaves full of concerned consumers and company executives trying to make sense of the recall information

“This type of information release has left Australian consumers and businesses very alarmed but still unsure of what they should be alert to in this case.

“ Clearer labelling and stricter regulation will go a significant way towards making sure such recalls will not be necessary again,” concluded Senator Ridgeway.

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