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No GST on tampons and sanitary pads petition tabled.

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Media Release

Jenny Macklin, MP

Shadow Minister for Health and

Shadow Minister for the Status of Women

Federal Member for Jagajaga


15 February 2000



The Federal Opposition today tabled a petition wit h 10,355 signatures calling on the Government to make tampons and sanitary pads GST-free, Shadow Minister for the Status of Women, Jenny Macklin, said today.

"This is the largest electronic petition ever tabled in the Federal Parliament and demonstrates the depth of community anger against the Howard Government’s plan to tax tampons and sanitary pads for the first time in nearly fifty years," Ms Macklin said.

"The Opposition began receiving e-mails protesting against this tax on 17th January and, at one point, Senator Faulkner’s office was receiving over 200 petitions per day.

"Over ten thousand signatures in less than a month is a remarkable feat.

"Although it is now clear Senator Lees was aware of the tax on tampons last year, it has taken a storm of public protest to jog the Democrats out of their complacency and come on board against the application of this unfair tax on what is essentially a health item."

Ms Macklin said the Health Minister, Dr Wooldridge, had the power to immediately determine these products GST-free under Section 38-47 of the GST legislation in the same way he plans to exempt condoms, sunscreens, folate pills and personal lubricants.

"The speed and intensity of this protest should be a lesson to Dr Wooldridge, who should honour the Government’s pre-election promise that health products would be GST-free and exempt tampons and sanitary pads," Ms Macklin said.



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