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Democrats survey finds majority oppose logging Vic forests.

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  Media Releases

  Senator Lyn Allison Senator for Victoria

Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia

Press Release Dated: 4 Apr 2000 Press Release Number: 00174labg Portfolio: Environment Related: Forestry and Conservation


Democrats survey finds majority oppose logging Vic forests  

Initial results from an Australian Democrats survey show Victorians, like most Australians, are overwhelmingly opposed to current logging practices in the Otways. 

Democrats Victorian Senator, Lyn Allison, says early responses to her survey show clear opposition to the logging practices that the State Government has already endorsed by signing the RFA. 

Senator Allison says the survey is still being distributed and over 100 responses have already been received. 

“The trends are clear and I have no reason to believe they will weaken as the survey proceeds,” Senator Allison said. 

Democrats Forest spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says this latest survey shows the growing concern of mainstream Australia that state RFA’s are too heavily weighted towards the forest industry, with insufficient regard to conserving our unique natural resources. 

“Current levels of native forest logging in Western Australia and Victoria are not sustainable,” Senator Greig said. 

The survey covered residents in communities which depend on the Otway Ranges for water and tourism, such as Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. 

The preliminary results are as follows: 

Question Yes No Unsure 

Are you opposed to clear fell 

logging in water catchment 

areas? 93% 5% 2% 

Are you opposed to woodchipping 

in the Otways native forests? 91% 8% 1% 

Should the logging industry move 

towards reliance only on 

plantation timber? 93% 5% 2% 

Are you opposed to selective 

logging in native forests, 

if it is for making valuable 

furniture or wood art? 49% 47% 4% 

Do you believe that the surf 

coast tourism industry is under 

threat from clear fell logging? 80% 13% 7% 

Do you believe that clear fell 

logging in a native forest is a 

sustainable activity? 9% 87% 4%