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Concern at rate of discrimination against women.

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Concern at rate of discrimination against women


12 December 2001


The ATSIC Commissioner for Women, Ms Christine Williams, has called for improved services following the release of a report which reveals disturbing levels of discrimination occurring against Indigenous women in NSW.

Commissioner Williams says the report clearly highlights an urgent need for greater support services.

Her comments follow today’s release by the Anti Discrimination Board (ADB) and Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre of a report entitled: “Discrimination- have you got all day.”

The document is based on interviews with 73 Indigenous women from 10 urban and rural communities in NSW.

The report found race discrimination was the biggest issue facing Indigenous women, followed closely by complaints involving sex discrimination.

They also faced discrimination in areas such as employment and education.

Commissioner Williams said more clearly needed to be done for women in rural areas.

She suggested an expansion of programs run by the ADB “would be a good start.”

She also agreed with a recommendation the Federal Goverenment draft legislation so that a person complaining about discrimination in the Federal Magistrates Service can not be made to pay the legal cost of the other parties if the complaint is dismissed. .

“This restricts most Indigenous people from making complaints,” she said today.

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