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Australia has a binge drinking problem.

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MEDIA RELEASE SF/166. Monday August 6, 2007


Australia has a binge drinking problem, leading to violence, brain injury and death.

"Social drinking is fine, but we must change a culture that sees binge drinking as acceptable behaviour", FAMILY FIRST leader Steve Fielding said today. "FAMILY FIRST wants to foster a culture of responsible drinking.

"FAMILY FIRST has a 10-point plan to reduce Australia's alcohol toll, including looking at restricting TV advertising of alcohol to after 9pm, pre-approval of all alcohol advertising by a government regulator, health warning labels and a zero blood alcohol content for all drivers under 25."

It was reported today that more than 200,000 Australians have an undiagnosed brain injury from excessive drinking and that a further 2 million Australians are at risk of brain damage.

An alcohol marketing executive has also reportedly admitted alcohol companies are targeting young people with pre-mixed spirits, which are sweet and sugary to hide the taste of alcohol.

"Alcohol causes almost 4,300 deaths each year, is responsible for 40 per cent of police work and is still a factor in up to one in five road deaths", Senator Fielding said. "The annual cost of the alcohol toll is estimated at $7.6 billion.

"Advertisers are being allowed to link alcohol with success and achievement. TV ads encourage under-age drinking and associate sporting or sexual success with alcohol.

"FAMILY FIRST believes that both state and federal governments must act to tackle a problem which is out of control."

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