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Greens challenge Labor to block MPs pay rise and tax cuts for the rich.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Greens challenge Labor to block MPs pay rise and tax cuts for the rich

2nd Jul 07

Announcing the Greens candidate for the marginal seat of Braddon today, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown called on both Labor and the Coalition to halt the growing unfairness of tax cuts which benefit the rich and the disadvantage the poor.

A research paper released by the ACTU today shows that average wage earners on $50,000 a year have got a $25 per week tax cut under the Howard government, while those on a $120,000 a year have got $140 a week - 6 times higher.

“Braddon is one of the 10 poorest electorates, and Tasmania is the poorest state, based on median income. Tasmanians are repeatedly disadvantaged by tax cuts favouring the wealthy and not the poor. Yet Labor is backing the current Costello budget tax cuts, including the more than $3.5 billion a year in delayed tax cuts applying only to people earning more than $75,000 per year. The Greens alone will oppose this tax cut,” Senator Brown said.

“This money should be going to public hospitals, the public school system and pensioners, where it is needed most.”

Speaking in Burnie where he named science education officer with the University of Tasmania Paul O’Halloran, 57, as the Greens candidate for Braddon, Senator Brown said that Braddon, like Bass and a string of mainland marginal seats will be decided by the preferences of Greens voters.

Senator Brown also called on Labor to reverse its support for the 6.7% politicians’ pay rise announced 2 weeks ago.

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