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Greens condemn 'Royal stitch up'

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales


Greens condemn 'Royal stitch up'

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has today condemned as a 'the most expensive stitch up in Australian history' the sixty million dollar Cole Royal Commission Report into the Building Industry, tabled in parliament today.

"By using the royal commission process to pursue a blatant political witch hunt this Government has rubbished the reputation of the process, wasted $60 million of taxpayer's money, and squandered the opportunity to address real problems in the industry.

"This report represents the most shameless embodiment of the government's anti-union agenda, an agenda The Greens oppose whole heartedly.

"Real issues concerning 'phoenix' company theft of workers' entitlements, or consistent breaches of work safety that cost lives are ignored in favour of union bashing and name calling.

"The Minister has presided over the most expensive Royal Commission ever, which has delivered little beyond a smear campaign.

"The Minister's claim that this has been a 'model Royal Commission' is as ridiculous as it is insulting.

"The Greens support the rights of workers to organise collectively, and will oppose any steps to undermine this right in the construction industry."

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