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Job search help available for Blundstone Boot workers.

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Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP

Minister for Workforce Participation 30 January, 2007

Media Release

Job search help available for Blundstone Boot workers

The 300 retrenched workers at Tasmania’s Blundstone Boots factory will receive special Australian Government

support, including training and counselling to help them find new work, Federal Minister for Workforce

Participation Dr Sharman Stone said today.

“It is sad to see an iconic company like Blundstone Boots move offshore, but each employee who wants help in

finding new work, will get it,” Minister Stone said.

“Local Job Network Providers met today in Hobart to develop a strategy to provide immediate assistance to the

retrenched workers.

“As part of the Textile Clothing and Footwear Labour Adjustment Package, Blundstone Boot workers could

receive training, or new skills-related licenses or certificates if needed to secure a job. They’ll also be assisted in

job searching, including writing job applications and resumes. Counselling and other career advice will also be

available,” Minister Stone said.

“The Australian Government may also pay for tools, books, or even clothing which will help the Blundstone Boot

workers get new work. The Job Seeker Account can also be used to cover travel costs for job interviews and

relocation costs.

“It is disappointing to see a company like Blundstone Boots go offshore however, there are many positions

available where skills, loyalty and commitment to the workplace is demonstrated, which is good news for


“As well, there is support for those over 50 who are interested in establishing their own small business. While

this program, called the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (or NEIS) is usually only able to be accessed by people

on unemployment benefits, a further 1000 places over three years were created for mature aged people not on

welfare, who would also like to set up new business.

“For twelve months participants are trained, mentored and advised in managing a small business,” Minister

Stone said.

For more information about NEIS call 13 62 68.