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Howard Government investigates new tax on recreational fishing.

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Media Release Senator Kerry O’Brien Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry


Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry Kerry O'Brien today called on the Howard Government to rule out a new tax on recreational fishing.

"The Howard Government recently announced a $200,000 consultancy to investigate the feasibility of a new tax on recreational fishing through a levy on fishing tackle.

"According to the government’s announcement, the study will include an analysis of the benefits and costs of the new tax and the processes that need to be addressed to consider its implementation.

Senator O'Brien said that all other options to ensure the sustainability and development of the recreational fishing industry should be considered first. A new tax would be an unacceptable additional impost on working families and recreational anglers.

"More than 5 million Australians go fishing every year, spending in excess of $680 million on fishing tackle alone.

"Some states, such as New South Wales already tax recreational fishing through an annual angling license.

"This Howard Government new tax would rip more money from working families during their annual school holidays and unfairly impact on recreational anglers and small tackle stores.

"I call on the government to immediately rule out imposing this new tax on recreational fishing.

Senator O'Brien said a Rudd Labor Government will not impose Mr Howard’s proposed new tax on fishing tackle.

"Labor does not support this proposal.

"Labor will work closely with the recreational fishing industry to determine how best to fund its development," Senator O'Brien said.

22 August 2007

Contact: Senator Kerry O’Brien 0419 007 780