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Where was SA Labor during the Keating convoy????

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20 November 2000            00/532 

WHERE WAS SA LABOR DURING THE KEATING CONVOY????  "The South Australian Labor Opposition is sinking to an all-time low with its campaign of misinformation on the nation's low level radioactive waste repository," Minister for Industry Science and Resources, Senator Nick Minchin said today. 

"Labor's Environment spokesman John Hill is using information from an outdated draft discussion paper to provoke security concerns. 

"The documents John Hill refers to are not the plans for the repository, they are extracts from a 1999 discussion paper compiled by officials as a basis for discussing options for the repository design. 

"The design for the repository, including security arrangements, will be decided upon when the preferred site is finalised, to ensure that the design is suitable for the specific site conditions.  

"Adequate security arrangements will be a necessary part of a licence being granted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). 

"ARPANSA has today refuted the Opposition's claims, stating that there will be a range of measures to ensure that the waste is secure - waste will be protected by packaging and burial, as well as other measures at the site such as fencing and surveillance. 

"This repository will provide a secure environment for the waste in contrast to the current

ad-hoc arrangements where waste is stored in capital cities in university and hospital basements 

"We are providing a safe long-term solution to the waste, instead of letting the waste accumulate year after year in our cities.  

"Where was John Hill and his State Labor colleagues when the Federal ALP Keating Government used 120 semi-trailers to transport nearly 10,000 drums of

radioactive waste to Woomera in 1994/95? 

"It is breathtaking hypocrisy of John Hill to be bleating about safety and security concerns when the State Labor Party turned a blind eye to the Keating convoy of 94/95". 

Contact: Jennifer Eddy, Senator Minchin's office

             08 8237 7190


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