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Angry residents make nationals nervous.

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Angry Residents Make Nationals Nervous Anthony Albanese - Parliamentary Secretary for Housing

Media Statement - 14 June 2000

Over 400 angry tenants of residential park villages attended an emergency meeting in Port Macquarie today, protesting the Government's decision to charge the GST on their site fees.

Mr Anthony Albanese, Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Housing, attended the meeting, as did Senator Steve Hutchins, ALP Duty Senator for Lyne. Mark Vaile, the National Party Member for Lyne and other representatives of the National Party were invited, but did not attend.

"Perhaps Mr Vaile was afraid residents may call him to account for his previous statements on this issue," said Mr Albanese.

"Prior to the last election, Mark Vaile issued a pamphlet that stated 'I would like to re-assure you that residents who occupy accommodation in a caravan park or holiday village on a permanent basis (ie over 28 days) will not have to pay GST on their site fees. This will be treated the same way as rental of a house or unit and is GST free.'

"The Member for Lyne either lied, or simply did not understand his own Government's tax package. The Government will be levying 5.5% GST on the site fees of tenants of residential park villages come July 1," explained Mr Albanese.

"The charging of the GST on site fees is an act of pure discrimination. The Government made a big deal of the fact that accommodation rent would not incur the GST.

"Why is it then that the 161,000 Australians living permanently in mobile homes and caravan parks are being forced to pay the GST on their site fees, while Australians renting luxury apartments in Kirribilli will pay no GST on their rent? It is simply unfair and another example of this Government looking after their own.

The Federal seat of Lyne has over 3400 permanent park residents.

"The meeting will place pressure on the National Party whose state and national divisions are due to meet in the Federal Seat of Richmond this weekend.

"All over the country National Party Members of Parliament are wriggling nervously in their previously safe seats, trying to justify an inequitable and discriminatory decision made by their own Government. This unfair tax must go," concluded Mr Albanese.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.