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How much more petrol tax did you collect, Mr Howard?

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How Much More Petrol Tax Did You Collect, Mr Howard?

Peter Cook - Chair, ALP Caucus Petrol Price Inquiry

Media Statement - 28 February 2001

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Mr Howard must now come clean and tell us honestly how much more money he has collected in petrol taxes since petrol prices shot up after 1st July 2000.

If he is truly going to cut petrol taxes Australians are entitled to know if he will hand back the tax bonanza he has reaped from his broken promise that the GST would not put up the price of petrol.

Mr Howard must be held to proper standards of honesty and accountability over petrol prices because:

He said his roads program valued at $1.6B over 4 years returned the petrol tax windfall, when the Australian Automobile Association estimates the windfall at up to $1.5 billion per year. ●

36 questions I have asked the Government aimed at establishing the level of the windfall remain unanswered, despite repeated requests for answers. ●

On Thursday, the Assistant Treasurer Senator Kemp and Treasury officials refused to answer any questions concerning the extra tax windfall the Government has pocketed, although they:

defended the tax-on-a-tax approach to petrol taxes, where a 10% GST applies to the final price of petrol which includes a 39c per litre excise tax; and ❍

denied it was necessarily the right of taxpayers to know how much tax they pay and why. ❍


Mr Howard said, "Petrol prices will not rise because of the GST" and then immediately broke that promise by at least 1.5 cents per litre. ●

He allowed fuel excise to increase by the full CPI which includes the GST inflation 'spike'. ●

Mr Howard must tell the truth about the tax windfall. Now is not the time to try and con Australians further - they have had enough.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.