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Andren welcomes almost $2m schools funding.

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Peter Andren MP - Independent Member for Calare


10 May 2006

Andren welcomes almost $2m schools funding

Nearly $2 million in capital grants funding for Calare schools has been welcomed by Peter Andren, Member for Calare.

“The government’s Investing in Our Schools Programme has approved $1.65 million to 16 public schools and another $206,000 to independent schools in Calare,” Mr Andren said.

“This is the second round of funding from the 2005 programme, adding to the $900,000 local schools received in the round one.

“This brings Calare’s Investing in Our Schools funding for 2005 to a grand total of over $2.8million.

“Projects ranged from playground equipment for Yeoval Central School and classroom insulation at Mandurama Public School to a Gross Motor Physiotherapy Centre at Carenne School in Bathurst.

“The overwhelming response to the programme shows the extent to which public schools are suffering from deteriorating infrastructure, and this injection of federal funding is very welcome,” he said.

“It is a good idea for schools and their community organisations to identify their needs and apply for funding under this initiative.

“Given the demand, the government has been forced to use funding for 2008 to cover this year’s round, which closed on 10th May. This means the last year of the program will be in 2007 under current federal budgeting.

“This program highlights the amount of work that needs to be done to bring many schools up to acceptable standards. Surely shaded play areas, adequate toilets, disabled access and assembly halls should be provided as standard to every school,” Mr Andren said.

“I’ll continue to argue that an index of school needs should be used to determine funding levels for schools that would ensure that a certain benchmark of amenities and resources are provided to all schools and their students,” he added.

For more information: 02 6277 2341 or 0419 612 891.

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