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NFF has a short memory.

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Media Statement - 12th November 2007

NFF Has A Short Memory

Kerry O'Brien

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Kerry O’Brien, said that the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has short memory criticising Labor for not developing policies to tackle climate change and drought.

“Federal Labor released its climate change and drought policy some six weeks ago,” said Senator O’Brien.

“All major farming groups including the NFF warmly welcomed the plan.”

Labor’s plan includes:

• $60 million for a Climate Change Adaptation Partnerships program. • $55 million in a Climate Change Adjustment Program, including a $10 million funding increase for the Rural Financial Counsellors Service; and • $15 million for a Climate Change and Productivity Research Program;

“Federal Labor has also launched a $200 million plan to tackle climate change and protect the Great Barrier Reef with farming groups the major beneficiaries including $146 million in direct grants to farmers.

“Labor is also proposing the evolution of Exceptional Circumstances program to recognise the fact that future droughts will be longer and more widespread due to climate change.

“Labor has $330 million on the table, none of which has been matched by the Howard Government.

“In contrast, the Coalition has no plan to help farmers adapt to the impact of climate change.”

As recently as last week Mr Vaile and Mr McGauran again questioned the link between climate change and drought.

“ Mr Vaile openly criticised Federal Labor’s reef rescue plan as an attack on farmers - but the NFF welcomed the plan.

“Federal Labor calls on the Howard Government to match Labor’s $330 million for climate change and farming.

“We also call on the NFF to be more objective in its assessment of policies,” said Senator O’Brien.