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Gore and Pachauri Nobel Peach Prize victory leaves Government embarrassed.

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Peter Garrett MP

Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage

Saturday 13 October 2007


The Nobel Peace Prize victory of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Vice President Gore leaves the Howard Government embarrassed and speechless today - this award is the ultimate rebuttal of the Government’s climate change position.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee have recognised what the Howard Government has consistently refused to acknowledge, and Mr Howard, Mr Downer and Mr Macfarlane in particular have egg on their faces as a consequence.

As Vice President Gore said when visiting our country in September:

"Australia and the United States are Bonnie and Clyde in the world of environment.”

And the New York Times notes today:

“The Nobel Peace Prize committee made a powerful statement today that the consequences of increasing carbon emissions could be as dangerous as the ravages of war.”

The Howard Government has tried to belittle Vice President Gore especially, making jokes about him and boycotting his events in a show of great disrespect to our American friend and his important climate change messages.

For example, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said in September 2006:

“Al Gore's here to sell tickets to a movie…It’s just entertainment, and really that's all it is…”

Having met with and supported the work of both the Chairman of the IPCC, Dr Pachauri, and Vice President Gore I have huge respect for them both.

Each man is an inspiration and I am delighted to offer them my congratulations and Labor's positive cooperation in the future.

The next IPCC report due out during the election campaign, like the first four ignored by the Howard Government, will remind Australians just how much there is to be done to tackle dangerous climate change.

What will it take the Government to give a response to the IPCC? A change to a Rudd Labor Government is what it will take.

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