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New radar information to keep North Queensland ahead of the weather.

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The Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP Federal Member for Murray

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage

14 September 2000

New radar information to keep North Queensland ahead of the weather [ Media Releases and Speeches ]

The latest radar images from the Townsville and Mackay regions will be available free on the internet shortly courtesy of the Bureau of Meteorology, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr Sharman Stone, announced today.

"Following a review of the quality and quantity of data available to the community, the Bureau have released a 'Basic Product Set' of meteorological information that will be freely available to the community via the media and on the internet", Sharman Stone said.

"The good news for North Queensland is that from late November, the latest radar image from the Townsville and Mackay sites, plus a loop of the last three radar images will be accessed free of charge via the Bureau's internet site".

Dr Stone, who has responsibility for the Bureau, said that the availability of the latest radar images was an important tool for a number of groups including the fishing industry, State Emergency Service personnel, tourist operators (particularly in the weather sensitive Whitsunday's) and recreational anglers, amongst others.

"This means that those North Queenslanders planning a couple of days fishing off the Coast or heading inland in the 4WD for a camping holiday will be able to use the most up to date weather information to assist in planning their break".

The announcement follows the successful use by Bowen Shire Council of weather radar imagery during floods on the Don River earlier this year.

"Bowen Shire Council were keen to make further use of the weather imaging technology for the benefit of the local community, particularly in times of extreme weather conditions."

"The Bureau has also been examining the effectiveness of the present radar coverage in the Bowen area and as a result will install a new radar at Abbott Point next financial year. This will enhance present coverage and make sure that North Queensland residents, that rely so heavily on accurate, up to date forecasts, receive the best possible information."

Further information, forecasts and weather warnings can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology's website at:

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Simon Frost 0419 495 468 or 02 6277 2016 September 14th 2000