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Fast food chain wins the tasteless award.

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JULIA GILLARD M.P. Shadow Minister for Population & Immigration



The decision of fast food chain Nando’s to use asylum seekers in its latest radio campaign represents a new low for the Australian advertising industry.

The commercial tries to make fun at the expense of detainees at Woomera who it says have “decided to unsew their lips” after hearing news of a special deal on Nando’s chicken.

Nando’s national marketing manager brazenly confirmed that the campaign was deliberately designed to attract media attention then claimed that the company had “no wish to offend anyone and least of all the detainees, but we challenge the public to debate the issue”.

It is difficult to see how the ad could be viewed as anything but offensive, and how genuine debate on a complex and sensitive issue such as asylum seekers and detention will be advanced in any way by their advertising campaign.

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