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Australia states position on UN Internet Domain Name proposals.

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Media Release


Senator the Hon Richard Alston

Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate


Australia states position on US Internet Domain Name proposals


The Minister for Communication s, the Information Economy and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston. today announced that the formal Australian Government response to an American proposal for changes to the management of Internet Domain Name registration had been presented to the United States Government.


The response was prepared by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) following a full consultation process with Internet stake holders in Australia, including consumer organisations, telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers, universities, industry associations, the Australian Intellectual Property Organisation and administrators of the Internet in Australia.


The consultation process revealed widespread consensus on the Australian Government response. The Government and Internet industry also consulted Mr Ira Magaziner, Special Adviser to the President of the US, during his recent visit to Australia.


‘The Government believes that the proposals put forward in the Australian response will contribute significantly to progressing the agenda in this area, which is of critical importance for the future of the Internet,’ Senator Alston said.


The Chief Executive Officer of NOIE, Dr Paul Twomey, said he was confident that the Australian proposals will be favourably considered by the US administration.


‘Our response to the US has been greatly enhanced by the very positive input of Internet stake holders in Australia during the consultation process, and by the high degree of consensus we achieved. We have been assured by US officials that Australia will continue to be involved, in a positive way, in the DNS reform process,’ Dr Twomey said.


In basic terms, the US Government proposal affects the allocation and registration of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), which describe web sites such as where the name of the web site does not have a country specific suffix, such as .au, at the end to indicate the country location of the web site and its owner.


gTLDs are increasingly being used by Australian and other non-US firms either to emphasise the global nature of their operations, or simply as a preferred alternative to equivalent country-based domains.


Australia’s response is available at the NOIE Website.


Media Contact: Terry O’Connor, Minister’s office 02 6277 7480




6 May 1998