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Job opportunities plummet to four year low.

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Cheryl Kernot - Job Opportunities Plummet To Four Year Low //media/0901/ckmsjobs270901.html Friday, 28 September 2001

Job Opportunities Plummet To Four Year Low

Cheryl Kernot - Shadow Minister for Employment and Training

Media Statement - 27 September 2001

Job opportunities fell to a four year low today according to the new Australian Bureau of Statistics Job Vacancies survey.

The large drop began with the introduction of the GST.

Commenting on the drying up of job opportunities in Australia, Cheryl Kernot, Shadow Minister for Employment and Training said today:

"The plummeting of job opportunities will be of great concern to tens of thousands of struggling Australian families whose bread winners cannot find work.

"This is the lowest level for four years, meaning that this is the hardest it has been to find work for a long time.

"Australians and their families are feeling increasingly insecure in their jobs. Indeed many do not have work at all or only have a few hours of casual or part time employment.

"With fewer and fewer job opportunities it is no wonder that there are 669,000 unemployed people, 437,400 Australians who work part time but do not feel they have enough hours to make ends meet and 1,159,000 Australians who are not in the labour force but would like to have a job.

"Part time employment has now also reached an all time record high of 28% of the entire workforce.

"There is no doubt that the GST has vandalised the Australian economy as well as new job opportunities.

"These statistics show that job opportunities nose dived after the introduction of the GST and continued to slide down to reach their current 4 year low.

"This is why there are 88,000 fewer full time jobs and 78,000 more unemployed since it was introduced. Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.