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Labor's urban water plan will help Ballarat residents save water and energy.

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE Anthony Albanese MP Shadow Minister for the Infrastructure and Water

Catherine King MP Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury Member for Ballarat

Labor’s urban water plan will help Ballarat residents save water & energy

Anthony Albanese MP, Shadow Minister for Water and Infrastructure and Catherine King MP will meet with the City of Ballarat to discuss the major water challenges for Ballarat and practical proposals that can assist ordinary Ballarat families save water.

Under Federal Labor’s plan Ballarat residents could get a rebate of up to $500 to help install grey water piping or rainwater tanks under a Rudd Labor Government.

Federal Labor’s National Rainwater/Greywater Plan will invest $250 million over six years to help 500,000 households across Australia save water.

“Water is the lifeblood of our region. Every drop that falls is ensuring our region and local industry continues to flourish,” Catherine King said.

“Federal Labor want to make it easier and more affordable for families to save water” Ms King said,

“Federal Labor’s National Rainwater/GreyWater Plan is a practical and commonsense measure to help the community be water efficient, adjust to climate change, and save money at the same time”

“Labor wants every Ballarat home and its roof to be a personal water catchment area, maximising re-use and collection of rain water. Through this plan, every household and every roof will help save water,” Mr Albanese said,

“By 2020, Labor wants every Australian home, where suitable, to have appliances such as rainwater tanks and grey water re-use systems.”

“Federal Labor will help ensure the water supply for all Australians regardless of whether they live in rural and regional communities or our towns and cities”.

Choice magazine says using grey water from the laundry, dishwashing, shower and the bath can save the average family up to 4,000 litres every week.

Labor’s new $500 rebate for grey water pipes and rainwater tanks will complement existing subsidies and help families save water.

The National Rainwater/GreyWater Plan is just one of a number of Federal Labor initiatives to secure Australia’s urban water supply.

In March this year, Labor committed $115 million for the construction of the Goldfields Superpipe Project to provide Ballarat and Bendigo with a reliable and secure water supply. The Government has not committed any funding to assist Ballarat secure water:

A Rudd Labor Government will also create a $250 million National Water Security Plan for Towns and Cities to fix leaky pipes and ensure water is not wasted as it makes its way to the tap.

Australia has some 175,000 kilometres of water mains and a small leak can waste more than 500,000 litres of water in just 12 months.

Federal Labor will also:

• invest in modern, more efficient water infrastructure and, where appropriate, refurbish older pipes and water systems; • mobilise households in the fight to conserve water and tackle climate change by offering zero real interest loans through Federal Labor’s Solar, Green Energy and Water

Renovations Plan for Households of up to $10,000 to help 200,000 homes become more energy and water efficient; • invest $115 million in the construction of the Goldfields Superpipe Project to provide Ballarat and Bendigo with a reliable and secure water supply. • set a national target of recycling 30 per cent of wastewater by 2015, and providing support

to achieve that target; and • Fully implement the 2004 National Water Initiative.

Ballarat Tuesday, 31 JULY 2007

Antony Sachs (Albanese) 0417 493 485

Rhys Davies (King) 0409 855 946