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Ministerial statement welcomed.

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Ministerial Statement welcomed


7 March 2002


Statement by Mr Kim Hill Commissioner NT Northern Zone

I welcome today’s statement by Mr John Ah Kit, the Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Indigenous Affairs.

Minister Ah Kit has given an honest and concise picture of the Territory’s Indigenous communities; the myriad of problems which they currently face, and the dire consequences for all Territorians if these are not urgently addressed.

With this statement there is at last a public acknowledgement that these are not just Aboriginal problems, it’s not “us and them”. It’s something that all Territorians and all Australians need to address.

I am particularly heartened by the Martin government’s commitment to the principles of social justice.

For many years now ATSIC has been fighting for equality of rights and access to essential services. We are therefore looking forward to working with the NT government on the practical implementation of these principles.

The demands made upon Community Government Councils compared to Municipal Councils are enormous, and I further welcome the Minister’s pledge to completely re-cast the Reform and Development Agenda.

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