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Big Brother: Labor's dirty dozen evicted years ago.

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Big Brother: Labor's dirty dozen evicted years ago Labor's 'Big Brother' Internet election stunt only serves to remind voters of its own dirty dozen of tired ex-ministers who were evicted from the house by the Australian public nearly six years ago but are still hanging around hoping to renew their lease.

When Kim Beazley, Simon Crean, John Faulkner, Carmen Lawrence, Bob McMullan, Nick Bolkus, Laurie Brereton, Peter Cook, Chris Schacht, Duncan Kerr, Con Sciacca and Michael Lee were evicted from the house in March 1996, their landlord the Australian taxpayer, quickly found out they hadn't been paying the rent.

Over five years, Paul Keating's ex-house mates had racked up nearly $80 billion in unpaid rent and bills. In their last year in the house, they swore blind to their landlord that they were keeping up-to-date with the rent, but as soon as they were evicted the landlord found out they were $10.5 billion in arrears.

What's more, the dirty dozen had hocked virtually every piece of the furniture in the house to try and pay the rent, despite having signed an agreement with their landlord, the Australian taxpayer, that they would keep and not sell these assets.

After 13 years, the house was in a state of absolute disrepute and the dirty dozen's union mates, who were not even on the lease and had never paid a cent of rent, had virtually taken over the joint.

Fortunately, with its new more responsible tenants, the house has been put back in order, with the rent paid on time and in full for five years, and $57 billion of the dirty dozen's debts repaid to the landlord.

Now we find that the same dirty dozen are still hanging around the neighbourhood, hoping to trick the landlord into giving them a gig in Big Brother 2

But the landlord has been burnt by these tenants before and has a long memory. The landlord especially remembers that the new head of the household was actually in charge of the kitty when the dirty dozen took the landlord to the cleaners last time.

It will take a lot more than Mr Beazley donning bunny ears and doing the bum dance to convince the landlord that the dirty dozen stand for anything other than a repeat of the house wrecking they were evicted for in 1996.

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