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Tourism industry stinging from Ansett bid collapse.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2002


The collapse of the Tesna consortium’s bid to relaunch Ansett rubs salt into the wounds of the Australian tourism industry, still suffering in the wake of the post-11 September downturn, Shadow Minister for Trade and Tourism Dr Stephen Martin said today.

“The failure of the Lew-Fox bid for Ansett is a tragedy for the 4,000 or so Ansett workers who pulled out all stops to revive the airline. But it also promises an unwelcome knock-on effect for the tourism sector as a whole,” Dr Martin said.

“The is another blow for Australian tourism operators, who have had a very rough time over the last several months. The uncertainty created by the latest Ansett collapse just adds to the instability affecting the whole tourism industry.

“Looking longer-term, if this does in fact mark the end of any hopes for a third airline in Australia, then the tourism sector will need some very convincing assurances that genuine competition will prevail in Australian skies,” he said.

Dr Martin said the Howard Government should now feel shamed into taking an active interest in the effects of the Ansett II collapse on the battered tourism sector.

“The Prime Minister’s admission today that ‘the Government was a bit left out of the loop’ in the negotiations to salvage Ansett is the height of irresponsibility. I suggest Mr Howard instructs his Ministers to find a way into the loop without any further delay, for the sake of the Australian tourism industry,” he said.

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