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Women's policy supports maximising choice.

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Hon Judi Moylan MP

Minister for the Status of Women


Tuesday September 15, 1998





The Minister for the Status of Women, Judi Moylan, today announced a strengthening of the Coalition’s commitment to women through the release of the Howard Government’s Women’s policy.


“The Howard Government will continue to implement practical strategies designed to make a real difference for women,” Mrs Moylan said.


“Coupled with the Howard Government’s tax plan, the Coalition’s Women’s Policy enhances the many achievements we’ve made during the past two and a half years to improve opportunities and choice for women,” she said.


“This policy focuses on a major program to help women return to the paid workforce, significantly enhancing the national domestic violence program Partnerships Against Domestic Violence and boosting women’s health services,” she said.


The main initiatives include:

·  a $24 million four-year ‘Return to Work Program’ to greatly assist many women rebuild skills and confidence and increase their familiarity with current technology;

·  An extra $25 million for the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence program to further the valuable work being done and to enable successful pilot projects to be implemented;

·  $3 million to provide advice and assistance to women establishing or operating a small business; and

·  $4 million to enhance support services for women diagnosed with breast cancer.


Women’s health services will also be boosted by $8 million o ver four years for a fly-in fly-out female GP services to rural and remote areas which are otherwise unable to attract a female doctor.


Women facing a difficult pregnancy will receive increased financial support through a new Medicare rebate for high-risk pregnancy at a cost of $8.4 million per year. The benefit for this new Medicate item will be $950 compared to the existing item at $400.


“The Howard Government’s tax plan also offers more choice for women in Australia, regardless of whether they’re in the paid workforce or not,” Mrs Moylan said.


“The tax plan offers benefits to all women, whether they are career women, women combining work in the paid workforce with family responsibilities or women at home,” she said.


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