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Community concern for fire affected animals and birdlife.

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Federal Member for Canning, Don Randall has been alerted to the terrible situation facing wildlife in the recent fire affected areas around Karragullen.

Local resident Mrs Elaine Holloway spoke with Mr Randall regarding a large number of Kangaroo’s who are now gathering at Karragullen Oval since their habitat was destroyed by fire.

“In their search for food and water, the Kangaroo’s are venturing onto the roads and being killed by oncoming traffic,” said Mr Randall.

“Mrs Holloway is so concerned about the safety of the remaining Kangaroo’s that she has been buying an oats mixture and leaving it for the Kangaroo’s so they will not search too far for food.

Mr Randall will contact Armadale City Council requesting that the bore on the oval which has only functioned intermittently since the fires, be repaired in order to provide the Kangaroo’s and other animals with water and see the grass return to a healthy green state.

“Birdlife have also lost their habitats and are struggling to find food and water. I have been asked to contact CALM to determine if nesting boxes can be temporarily installed in the area.

Mrs Holloway and Mr Randall are appealing to the community for donations of cash or food to help the Kangaroo’s survive until the bushland has a chance to recover after the first rains.

“We cannot let our precious wildlife numbers dwindle at the hands of this cowardly arson attack,” Mr Randall said.

Donations have already been gratefully received from FeedMan in Gosnells and the Karragullen Gull Service Station.

Anyone wishing to donate either cash or food should contact Mrs Holloway on 0414 503 331.