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Deluge of amendments proves Democrats right.

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Media Release

Senator Andrew Murray

Australian Democrats

Taxation Spokesperson

April 21, 1999





The Democrats’ prediction of a deluge of amendments to the governments ‘perfect’ GST legislation is coming true with a further 128 government amendments being proposed today. These are in addition to 15 government amendments to two bills already accepted by the Senate.


Democrats Taxation spokesperson, Senator Andrew Murray, says it is good news that the government has acknowledged its tax package is far from perfect and that it is now willing to accept change.


“Today’s batch of 128 amendments, to only three of the 29 remaining bills, shows just what we have to look forward to - 143 government changes so far, and counting,” Senator Murray said.


“If we continue at this rate, we could have a thousand amendments before this debate is through.


“It is also heartening to see the Senate being able to do the job it is meant to do — amend and improve legislation,” Senator Murray said.


“In the main, the government’s amendments are not merely technical, many affect the material provisions of the GST package.


“Obviously, Treasurer Costello now realises there are serious flaws in his ‘perfect package’ and has chosen to use the parliamentary process to address those flaws. It is our job, along with other crossbenchers, to add further amendments which will make the package really fair to all Australians,” Senator Murray said.


The amendments proposed today consist of:


A Ne w Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Bill 1998 (FA209)(FA2 10) (115 amendments)


A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Transition) Bill 1998 (FA2 11) (12 amendments)


A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Administration) Bill 1998 (FA2 12) (1 amendm ent)


Contact: Senator Murray on 0419 958 038 or 02) 6277 3709