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$25.7 Million for salinity and water quality in South Australia.

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Joint Media Release Minister for the Environment and Heritage Dr David Kemp & Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Warren Truss & South Australian Minister for Environment and Conservation John Hill

27 February 2004


$25.7 Million for Salinity and Water Quality in South Australia

South Australia's vital water resources and the threat of salinity will be the focus of a $25.7 million funding package announced today.

The vital funds were announced by Australian Government Ministers for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, and Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Warren Truss, and South Australian Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Hill.

The funding was drawn from the Australian Government's $2.7 billion Natural Heritage Trust program and the $1.4 billion National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, a joint initiative of the Australian Government with State and Territory governments.

Dr Kemp congratulated South Australian regions on attracting funding for their Natural Resource Management Plans, saying it was an important milestone in the regional delivery of environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture.

"Regions to benefit from this package include the biodiversity hotspot of Kangaroo Island, the Northern Yorke and Agricultural Districts, the South East and the Mount Lofty Ranges and Greater Adelaide region, which will receive more than $11.7 million to tackle priority environmental issues over the next 18 months," he said.

"South Australia's Murray Darling Basin will receive $12.1 million over the next six months, with

further funding to be allocated to the region later this year."

Mr Truss said a focus of this funding was to fight salinity through projects such as the Bookpurnong salt interception scheme in the South Australian Murray Darling Basin.

This project will result in a reduction of 133 tonnes of salt per day entering the River Murray," he said.

"Funding will also address other causes of water quality degradation, recognising the importance of the River Murray to the region's irrigation production and, more broadly, as a significant source of Adelaide's water supply.

"The investment package will support the sustainability of agricultural industries by assisting irrigators to implement best practice irrigation guidelines."

Mr Hill said the funding reinforced the partnership established by the Australian and State governments to jointly fund natural resource management in South Australia.

"This is a major achievement for South Australia's Natural Resource Management Groups," he said.

"These groups in partnership with governments will now have significant input and responsibility over the way environmental issues are handled and how the funding is managed.

"Their strategic and coordinated plans identify the priority issues affecting their region, outlines what has to be done and the value of the investment required. Based on this information, these regions have custom-designed the projects that will deliver the best outcomes."

More information about the Natural Heritage Trust is available at: Information about the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality is available at

A full list of projects in South Australia to receive funding is attached.

Summary of NAP & NHT Regional Investment Package for Kangaroo Island Investment 2003-04

Total funds ($)

2004-05 Total funds ($)

Building a sustainable future - Strategic planning process 83,400 170,000

Building a sustainable future - Community awareness campaign 35,000 70,000

Building a sustainable future - On ground works program 122,694 249,106

Building a sustainable future - Monitoring and evaluation program 20,955 42,545

Farenheit 451 37,000 78,000

Rivers of life 16,500 33,500

Save our seagrasses: Ecological health and nutrient load monitoring program 20,500 41,500

Repel the invaders: Effectively managed bridal creeper and bridal veil 17,000 35,000

Back from the brink: Implement threatened plant species recovery 16,000 34,500

Oceans of blue: Develop coastal, estuarine and marine monitoring program 35,000 73,000

Island refuge: Develop and implement biodiversity monitoring program 35,000 90,000

Repel the invaders: Effectively manage feral pigs, deer and cats 35,000 75,000

Repel the invaders: Develop and implement border detections system and undertake community awareness 40,000 83,000

Back from the brink: Implement Glossy Black Cockatoo recovery program 16,000 34,000

Healthy soils: Conduct investigation into soil management techniques in areas subject to water logging 8,000 16,000

NRM Board and Program Administration 0 230,000

Total 538,049 1,355,151

Summary of NAP & NHT Regional Investment Package for Murray Darling Basin Investment Total Funds

Allocated ($)

Developing and Implementing Land and Water Management Plans 350,000

Mobilising community action through Land and Water Management Planning in the Tintinara Coonalpyn Area 40,000

Quantify impacts and options to address of rising salinity on the built environment (Tintinara Coonalpyn area) 10,000

Policy framework for salinity management 200,000

Accounting for salinity 250,000

Preliminary investigations for the development of an environmental flows strategy for the Pike River & Murtho floodplains 120,000

Investigating and implementing flow management options for the Chowilla Anabranch System 100,000

Water quality audit and risk assessment 50,000

Accelerating stormwater and wastewater quality improvements in urban catchments 300,000

Improving management and allocation of water within prescribed water resources 180,000

Priority revegetation and remnant protection to reduce recharge, reduce soil loss and enhance biodiversity 150,000

Developing guidelines for grazing on the SA River Murray floodplain 40,000

Identifying sites of priority for conservation in the River Murray corridor 180,000

Development and implementation of integrated Natural Resource Management of the Riverland Ramsar site, including Chowilla 95,000

Roadside vegetation management in priority areas 25,000

Targeting Revegetation and Bush Management - On Ground Actions in the Murray Darling Basin 43,000

Bushcare Support in the Murray Darling Basin 140,000

Save the Swamps 125,000

Fish passage in River Murray anabranches 80,000

River Corridor multi-spp recovery planning 80,000

Integration of conservation management with pastoral production -Chowilla 15,000

Implementation of the Coorong and Lower Lakes Ramsar Management Plan - Communication, Ngarrindjeri Involvement, Monitoring and Review 80,000

Detailed mapping of the coastal, nearshore marine and estuarine habitats / detailed biological surveys of the nearshore marine environment 155,000

Local Government and Industry Support Strategy 100,000

Partnership in natural resource management 150,000

Establishing the roles and responsibilities of Local Government in the MDB 40,000

NRM Board & Program Administration 250,000

Design, construct and operate salt interception schemes for salinity mitigation 6,040,000

Rehabilitation of the Lower Murray Swamps 2,700,000

Total 12,088,000

Summary of NAP & NHT Regional Investment Package for Mount Lofty Ranges Investment 2003-04

Total funds ($)

2004-05 Total funds ($)

Determine sustainable water resource limits and prepare water management plans for the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula 178,333 356,667

Establish salinity baselines for key areas 20,000 40,000

Establish baselines for biodiversity conservation 60,000 150,000

Establish environment values for the marine environment 20,000 40,000

Establish consistent monitoring and evaluation framework for project management 13,750 27,500

Review of community monitoring program in the region 12,500 25,000

Develop regional monitoring and evaluation reporting program 37,500 75,000

Maintain existing biodiversity capacity building programs (BMA network, Bushcare support, Bush for Life) 105,000 210,000

Maintain existing biodiversity capacity building program in urban areas (Urban Forest Biodiversity Program) 59,000 118,000

Maintain existing capacity building programs (Land Management, Landcare Support) 308,333 616,667

Maintain existing community marine monitoring and awareness programs (Reefwatch) 33,350 66,650

Maintain existing capacity building programs for coast, estuarine and marine (previously Coastcare) 45,000 90,000

Maintain a network of NRM information resources throughout the region 50,450 100,800

Riparian zone protection for improved water quality 200,000 400,000

Protection of priority riparian zones in the Southern Fleurieu 107,000 213,000

Implement high water use strategies for salinity outcomes 172,700 525,300

Protect threatened species and ecological communities 300,000 880,500

Protection and management of 100ha of known significant biodiversity assets 50,000 100,000

Implement on ground in the urban area (UFBP) 108,000 215,000

Protection, enhancement and restoration of priority coast, estuarine and marine areas 33,300 66,700

Maintain regional control programs for nationally rated pests and diseases 33,300 66,700

Empowerment/Indigenous participation in NRM 50,000 100,000

Increasing community awareness of Indigenous cultural values and their relationship to NRM 20,000 40,000

NRM Board and Program Administration 0 490,000

Total 2,017,517 5,013,483

Summary of NAP & NHT Regional Investment Package for Northern and Yorke Agricultural District Investment 2003-04

Total funds ($)

2004-05 Total funds ($)

Review existing baseline monitoring programs 33,000 67,000

Initiate comprehensive marine biology inventory, targeting regional hotspots 33,000 67,000

Maintain NRM Regional Support Network (3 NRM officers) 0 312,000

Establish NRM Support Program for Aboriginal Communities 25,000 50,000

Maintain regional biodiversity support program - BMA, Reg Ecologist, Bushcare Support 0 330,000

Support water resource management programs - Waterwatch etc 41,250 83,750

Develop standardised risk assessment framework for planning authorities dealing with development applications

11,550 23,450

Review arrangements for prevention of pest incursions (including marine) 10,000 20,000

Develop salinity management plans for priority catchments 25,000 50,000

Develop integrated management plans for coastal areas of particular significance (including shorebird habitats) 25,000 50,000

Develop an integrated revegetation strategy for region, covering biodiversity and production 25,000 50,000

Protect 800ha of remnant native vegetation in priority biodiversity areas 75,900 154,100

Maintain plant propagation unit to undertake seed collection and propagation programs for regional habitat construction program

16,500 33,500

Support environmental week programs over 800ha in priority biodiversity areas including coasts and watercourses

0 230,000

Implement recovery plans and associate actions for the conservation of threatened species and communities 66,000 134,000

Research into the control of intractable weeks such as silver leaf nightshade, onion week, topped lavender and knapweed

8,580 17,420

Investigate extent and impacts of farm dam and irrigation development in priority areas under development pressure

73,920 150,080

Conduct regional investigations of smaller streams to assess ecological assets and their requirements 26,400 53,600

Expand grassland management trials to establish best practice management guidelines 16,500 33,500

NRM Board and Program Administration 0 330,000

Total 512,600 2,239,400

Summary of NAP & NHT Regional Investment Package for South East Investment 2003-04

Total funds ($)

2004-05 Total funds ($)

NRM Board and Program Administration 0 305,000

Monitoring Investment Strategy project milestones 54,450 110,000

Management and Protection assistance with Heritage Agreement Scheme 57,750 117,250

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo recovery 13,530 27,470

Threatened species and habitat recovery 60,000 200,000

Wetland management and restoration in the lower South East 25,000 90,000

Strategic wildlife corridors 24,420 49,580

Coorong and Lower Lakes; Ramsar Plan review, communications strategy 33,000 67,000

Protecting the Blue Lake from land use impacts 48,675 98,825

Minimising salt accession 44,880 91,120

South East weed risk assessment 6,600 13,400

Establishment of Indigenous Focus Group for understanding NRM issues

19,800 40,200

Building regional capacity in land and water management 66,000 134,000

Coast and Marine Management Support 26,400 53,600

Fingers on the pulse (environmental benchmarking for Monitoring and Evaluation) 0 115,000

Total 480,505 1,512,445