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Tax concessions considered for Bondi Beach Rail.

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Media Release

John Anderson, MP

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Transport and Regional Services



14 December 1999 



The Federal Government today declared its support for the Bondi Beach Rail - a $197 million project to extend the existing Eastern Suburbs Railway and provide a new underground railway station adjacent to Bondi Beach.

The concession is expected to be approved by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson, under the Commonwealth’s Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme.

The project will receive a $15.6 million tax rebate over five years, subject to satisfactory environmental assessment and the scrutiny of the Australian Taxation Office.

"The project will involve construction of a three kilometre long underground extension of the Eastern Suburbs Railway Line from its current terminus at Bondi Junction to a new underground station adjacent to Bondi Beach," Mr Anderson said.

"It will provide improved public transport access to residents of and visitors to Bondi and result in less congestion on local roads and greatly reduce travel times. By diverting existing traffic to the train there will be a decrease in the parking pressure at Bondi Beach, a reduction in traffic congestion, traffic noise, accidents and local air pollution.

"Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. An estimated 645,000 international and 1.5 million domestic tourists visit Bondi each year. There is a growing need to improve public transport to and from Bondi Beach in order to meet these demands and enhance the overall tourism potential of the area.

"The rail line now ends at Bondi Junction, leaving commuters wishing to travel to Bondi Beach or Campbell Parade to catch a bus or use private transport. The station will be built next to Bondi Beach and will cater for the elderly, the disabled and the large number of people during special events and peak summer months."

Construction, creating 200 jobs, is due to commence in 2000 and should take less than three years.

The tax concession, if approved, would benefit the project particularly during the construction phase and early years of operation.

Media Contacts: 

Paul Chamberlin, Mr Anderson’s office: (02) 6277 7680 / (0419) 233 989 

Phil Garling, Chairman of Bondi Beach Railway Company: (02) 9237 5976



The project will extend the Eastern Suburbs Railway from its current terminus at Bondi Junction to a new underground station at Bondi Beach. The Bondi Beach Railway Company, owned by Lend Lease Infrastructure and the Macquarie Bank, will build and maintain the railway assets and will own the rights to operate the facilities. After a 30-year term, all rights to the station, tunnel, track and other infrastructure will be transferred to the NSW Rail Access Corporation and the State Rail Authority.

The physical works involve the extension eastwards of the existing tunnels at Bondi Junction with the construction on a new 2.6km tunnel to the proposed Bondi Beach station site under South Bondi Park. All major structural elements within both the station and tunnel constructions will have a minimum design life of 100 years.

The signalling, overhead power, communications and ticketing systems will be integrated with existing RAC and State Rail Authority systems. The overhead line electrification system will be designed to current RAC standards. Train radio, telecommunications, emergency and security systems, information and ticketing will all be compatible with and integrated into the existing infrastructure.

The project will provide rail services extending a number of existing CityRail services from Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach. Journey time from Bondi Beach station will be less than 3 minutes to Bondi Junction and 12.5 minutes to Town Hall station.

A 10-minute base level service (6 trains per hour) is proposed at the commencement of operations, however, the facility will be capable of accommodating up to 12 trains per hour, providing greater timetable flexibility and reliability, high peak capacity and a number of other operational benefits for CityRail.

Passenger operated ticket vending machines (TVMs) will be located in the unpaid area of the Bondi Beach station selling tickets to most CityRail destinations. The state of the art TVMs will employ touch screen and foreign language technology, maximising fl exibility in terms of ticket types and destinations.



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