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Truss congratulates Aussie businesses on £2billion UK green deal.

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Media release

7 March 2007

Truss Congratulates Aussie Businesses on £2billion UK Green Deal

Australian Government Minister for Trade, Warren Truss, today congratulated WA-based Global Renewables and Sydney partner Bovis Lend Lease on securing one of the largest and most significant green waste contracts ever awarded in the United Kingdom.

Mr Truss said the £2 billion state-of-the-art joint project underscored the opportunities available to Australian businesses looking to export to the UK and other countries. The project is a joint venture with the Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Council.

“The UK green waste project will use an innovative mechanical and biological treatment process to recover recyclable materials such as paper, metal, glass and plastic. The organic portions of the waste will be transformed into renewable energy and a high-quality compost product, suitable for woodland or energy crop planting, together with land reclamation and remediation.

“The program will also include environmental education and community engagement components.”

Mr Truss said that by 2010, it is estimated that the world-wide environmental goods and services industry will be worth $600 million.

“Austrade has been instrumental in helping Global Renewables and Bovis Lend Lease secure this UK green deal and will continue to help other businesses to obtain a piece of that very large pie.

“Australia’s sensitive environment, and the community expectation that it must be protected, has ensured that we continue to be at the forefront in developing clean, green and technologically-advanced goods and services.

“Australia is uniquely positioned to leverage our international reputation as an innovative environmental business leader - as this cutting-edge project demonstrates,” he said.

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