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QLD deserves federal forest funding.

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Media Release


Senator Andrew Bartlett

Australian Democrats Environment Spokesperson





QLD deserves federal forest funding


The successful Queensland forest agreement deserves federal funding even if it does not fit federal Regio nal Forest Agreement (RFA) guidelines, according to the Australian Democrats.


“The Federal RFA process is flawed and Premier Beattie was right to work around it,” said Queensland senator and Democrats’ Environment spokesperson, Andrew Bartlett.


“The QLD agreement is not perfect but by far the best of those so far signed.


The Beattie government has done well in striking a balance between industry and conservation. Queensland deserves a share of the federal funding for implementing RFAs.”


“Wilson Tuckey said today that the Queensland agreement did not constitute a Regional Forest Agreement, suggesting the federal government might try and welch on funding.”


“Once the federal RFA was passed it became even more important that forest management was got right at the state level.


“The forest industry in Queensland has worked constructively and the agreement of the range of parties is most welcome. The public wants peace in the forests, not the entrenched ongoing conflict.”


“The Democrats are very pleased with the outcome. There is no export woodchipping or logging of old growth and wilderness, the reserve areas are increased, and there are incentives to switch to plantations.


“We’d have preferred logging out of native forests completely now, not in 25 years, however with no woodchipping industry it is an acceptable compromise.


‘The Australian Democrats acknowledge the work of Dr Aila Keto for her long term, intellectual and extraordinary work on Queensland forests,” concluded Senator Bartlett.


For further information contact Senator Andrew Bartlett on 0418 743 789



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