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Appointments to Copyright Law Review committee: new reference to examine Copyright Tribunal.

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Media Release



20 April 1999




- new reference to examine Copyright Tribunal -


I am pleased to announce the new membership of the Copyright Law Review Com mittee.


I am also pleased to announce a new reference for the Committee to inquire into the jurisdiction and operation of the Copyright Tribunal.


The Committee undertakes valuable work in the important and rapidly evolving area of copyright.


The Committee provides ongoing advice and expert commentary assisting the Government in maintaining Australia’s well deserved reputation as a world-leader in copyright law.


This will be an opportunity for the Committee to consider the wide range of issues involved in the administration of copyright licensing.


In particular, I have asked the Committee to report on the need for changes to the jurisdiction and procedures of the Copyright Tribunal.


The Committee will assess the need to increase the Tribunal’s capacity to address licensing matters arising under the Copyright Act and related legislation.


Technological developments which have led to electronic publishing and the circulation of copyright materials on the Internet, for example, have caused this to become a particularly important issue.


The Chairman of the Committee, Professor Dennis Pearce, Chairman of the Press Council, a member of the Copyright Tribunal and a renowned legal academic has been reappointed to undertake this important work.


The other members of the Committee are:


* Ms Maureen Barron, Chair, Australian Film Commission and the Head of Business Affairs of the Southern Star Group;


* Ms Susan Blackwell, the Executive Director of the Australian Publishers Association Ltd;


* Ms Mara Bun, the Po licy and Public Affairs Manager of the Australian Consumers’ Association;


* Mr Thomas Cochrane, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Library and Academic Services) at the Queensland University of Technology;


* Mr Chris Creswell, copyright consultant and former head of the Intellectual Property Branch of the Attorney-General’s Department; and,


* Dr Warwick Rothnie, a copyright law practitioner with Mallesons Solicitors.


In conducting its inquiry I expect that the Committee will consider the views of both owners and users of copyright materials.


I have asked the Committee to report by 30 April 2000.


Media contact: Nicholas Harford (02) 6277 7300