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Greenhouse added to Basslink woes.

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Senator Lyn Allison Senator for Victoria

Press Release Dated: 22 Dec 2000 Press Release Number: 00/767 Portfolio: Energy and Resources Related: Environment

Greenhouse added to Basslink woes The Australian Democrats have called for an assessment of the long-term greenhouse emissions impact of the Basslink project following the announcement that the powerlines would be largely strung from pylons.

Democrats’ Energy spokesperson, Senator Lyn Allison, said Australians have a right to be told whether Basslink will end up carrying more brown coal-generated electricity to Tasmania from Victoria than renewable energy from Tasmania to the mainland.

“If the result is that Victoria produces more of its dirty electricity then there is little justification for Basslink proceeding.”

Senator Allison says there are serious environmental and social problems associated with high voltage power lines, not all of which can be overcome by ‘undergrounding’.

“Apart from being an eyesore, the overhead power route will require the clearing of wide swathes through native forests, putting at risk three ‘vulnerable communities’,” Senator Allison said.

“Basslink should only proceed if the least damaging, underground routing has been agreed with the local community and if there are clear greenhouse benefits.

“We won’t know that unless there has been a comprehensive evaluation and some guarantees provided by the proponents.” Senator Allison concluded.

A greenhouse evaluation of Basslink is one of the key recommendations of the Senate Environment Committee’s, The Heat is On, report, tabled in November.


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