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Peel Rural Technology Centre launch 10 am - 11 am Murray Job Link, Pinjarra Western Australia: speech notes.

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for the launch of the Peel Rural Technology Centre launch 10 am - 11 am Murray Job Link, Pinjarra Western Australia


• Thanks etc/ acknowledge Ricky Johnston and other VIPs

• Western Australia is a shining example of ho w the Government always intended Networking the Nation funding to benefit rural, regional and remote communities.

• Every region in Australia's largest State has, or will soon enjoy the benefits of a Networking the Nation project - after only two funding rounds.

• With the BOSHE report and the Peel's own 'Peel Online' strategic scoping paper - and with such an enthusiastic and organised approach - WA is leading the way for the rest of the country in terms of identifying how new technologies can overcome the traditional obstacles faced by many regional communities.

• The latest Networking the Nation project, the Peel Rural Technology Centre, is particularly good news for WA farmers.

• The future of farming will be spent more and more in front of the computer as well as out in the field.

• Information already available online ranges from weather forecasts and stock prices, to better ways of doing business, marketing and export opportunities.

• The Centre is a good example of how Networking the Nation is bringing services and benefits to Australia's rural, regional and remote communities - by introducing a fully equipped computer facility and training.

• As well as real benefits to the local region, this type of project is an ideal model for other communities interested in applying Networking the Nation funding because it demonstrates how communities can identify their own communications needs and propose solutions.

• So far Networking the Nation has provided around $50 million to about 90 projects across Australia.

• WA was allocated $26.5 million and already $10.7 million has been committed. Some other WA projects include:

• oved mobile phone services in the Kimberley;

• a telecommunications audit, identifying needs and opportunities in the south west of the State; and

• an extension of the WA Telecentres network.

• Very happy to launch the project and hand over the cheque for $30 000 - which is the first instalment of your $85 000 project. Congratulations.