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Nairn promotes geospatial industry initiatives.

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The Hon Gary Nairn MP

Special Minister of State

Media Release

19/2006 4 October 2006

Nairn Promotes Geospatial Industry Initiatives

The Special Minister of State, The Hon Gary Nairn MP has backed cutting edge initiatives from Australian firms involved in the geospatial arena.

Mr Nairn toured Geomatic Technologies in Melbourne today, emphasising the importance of geospatial technologies in delivering connected government to all Australians.

“Geomatic Technologies is punching above its weight in the geospatial industry and sets benchmarks other organisations should seek to emulate”, Mr Nairn said.

Addressing workers at Geomatic Technologies, Mr Nairn reiterated the outcomes of the recently held Online Communications Council, which he co-chairs with Senator Helen Coonan.

“With the support of my counterparts across all states and territories, we agreed to look for opportunities in all new projects to design policy, programs and services to make full use of spatial data”, Mr Nairn said.

“The OCC meeting backed some important initiatives which will elevate the importance of geospatial solutions for government.”

Mr Nairn also highlighted a recent United Nations Resolution which promotes the adoption of national Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and land administration systems as key factors in support of sustainable development and environmental management.

At the recent UN Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific (UNRCC-AP) in Bangkok, a key resolution on “spatially enabled government to support strategies such as e-Government” was passed.

Also, of note was Australia’s significant involvement on some important committees and working groups.

Peter Holland, the General Manager of the Spatial Information Industry Advice and Facilitation Branch, from Geoscience Australia was appointed President of the UN Sponsored Permanent Committee for GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP). The PCGIAP represents 55 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

One of the four working groups to the PCGIAP known as “Spatially Enabled Government” is chaired by Professor Ian Williamson of Melbourne University, who is a passionate advocate and expert in the field.

Mr Nairn said that these appointments highlight Australia’s leadership in this area.

“Spatial or location based IT business intelligence has great application in Australia and represents significant export opportunities for leading firms such as Geomatic Technologies.” He said.

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