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Anti-dumping action taken against imports of coated paper.

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The Hon. Warren Truss, MP

Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs

Deputy Leader of the House



4 May, 1998





The Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs, Warren Truss, ann ounced today that the Federal Government will take action against exports of coated woodfree paper to Australia from Austria, Finland, Germany and Japan so as to prevent dumping causing or threatening material injury in the future.


Mr Truss announced the decision during a visit today to the Australia Pulp and Paper Shoalhaven paper mill in southern New South Wales.


The decision to take anti-dumping action follows an inquiry and recommendations by the Anti-Dumping Authority (ADA). The Minister has accepted the Authority’s findings and recommendations which flow from one of Australia’s largest anti-dumping cases involving allegations of dumping against 31 companies.


Actions will not be taken against exports from Italy and Korea, the Minister said. The ADA found that exports from these countries were not dumped in 1997 and there was no evidence that future exports may be dumped.


"The Australian coated paper industry will no longer face unfair competition from dumped imports from Austria, Finland. Germany and Japan Mr Truss said.


"Dumped imports from these sources held 25 per cent of the Australian market in 1997. The Australian industry's prices had fallen and it had suffered losses as a result of the dumping.”


Mr Truss said that he was satisfied that dumping had caused material injury to the Australian industry and that there was a threat of further material injury from dumping from these sources.


The Government also decided to accept price undertakings from Enso and Metsa-Serla of Finland, Hannover and Stora of Germany and JPP and Okamoto of Japan not to sell at prices that would cause or threaten material injury from dumping.


"These anti-dumping measures, along with the recent decision not to release Indonesian manufacturer Tiwi Kimia from undertakings not to dump A4 copy paper, will allow the Australian producer, Australian Paper, to compete in a fair market and to plan its future with confidence,” he said.


It will help to secure the jobs of many hundreds of workers in the paper industry.”


Mr Truss said that the Government will introduce legislation in the Budget sittings of Parliament to reform Australia’s anti-dumping and countervailing system.


"The reforms will provide a simpler, fairer and faster process for Australian industry seeking redress against dumped or subsidised exports and will be of particular assistance to the paper industry.”





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