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Small business needs the best

"Small business must be set free from the compliance burden and Australia's tax system needs to operate on world's best practice standards", Alan Cadman MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Workplace Relations and Small Business said today.

"Achieving the highest possible standards of tax collection for all taxpayers including small business will reduce compliance costs and make it easier for small business to meet tax obligations.

"The ability of Australian businesses to compete against our trading partners partly depends upon the standard of Australia's tax system in world terms and the Australian Taxation Office must be benchmarking to achieve the world's best results.

"Tax reform should allow Australia to get the tax system right.

"It will give Australia the opportunity to adopt world's best practice standards in types of tax, compliance and collection giving businesses a competitive edge.

"Tax reform will enable the implementation of a simpler tax system with which it will be easier to comply and easier to administer.

"It will remove ambiguity and uncertainty which surrounds the administration of the existing system and hinders many small businesses.

"Changes to taxation should make it easier for small business to grow and employ more Australians."



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