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Process restarts for repatriation of indigenous human remains\n

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Media Release

Process restarts for Repatriation of Indigenous Human Remains


11 December 2001


Statement by ATSIC Commissioner for Tasmania, Rodney Dillon

The repatriation of Indigenous human remains from various institutions in the United Kingdom will be a major step in the healing process for all Aboriginal people in Australia.

I am confident the British House of Commons will take notice of this latest delegation aimed at recovering the thousands of remains stolen from our land in the dark days of colonisation.

Many of these remains were taken from Tasmania.

They are the remains of our ancestors.

They were dug up and stolen from Indigenous graves in the name of science.

But now it is time for the return of our remains to their rightful place so our grieving process can be completed.

Our people are hurting and the return of the remains of our ancestors will assist in the healing process.

The British Government can play a role in Reconciliation by agreeing to the unconditional return of the remains.

They are sacred and should not be housed in boxes in museums so people can gawk and point at them.

I am confident the long process of gathering all the remains and bringing them back home to their righful resting places around Australia will be completed successfully. .

By offering an invitation to ATSIC to speak with the House of Commons Working Group on Human Remains, a major hurdle has been overcome.

I will not be confrontational in our discussions.

I will let the facts speak for themselves.

Commissioner Rodney Dillon ATSIC Tasmania

Commissioner Dillon leaves Australia tomorrow (Thursday) for the United Kingdom to address the House of Commons Working Group on Indigenous Remains at its invitation. He will also be visiting museums and institutions where many of their Indigenous remains are housed.

Contact: Commissioner Dillon (03) 6211 3900 or 0419 575 820 Mick Hedger Public Affairs Officer 0418 386 803 Janice Ross (03) 6211 39239


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