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Welfare to work proposals must be made fairer.

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Duncan Kerr SC MP


27 July 2005


Already struggling after nine years under John Howard and Peter Costello, Tasmanian battlers and particularly people with disabilities, are about to get another kick in the guts under proposed changes to the welfare system, Duncan Kerr MP said today.

"Like TASCOSS, I am extremely concerned about the effect these proposed, hard-line changes will have on low income Tasmanians, particularly people in my electorate.

"Some of the State’s most vulnerable citizens live in Hobart’s northern suburbs and they simply cannot afford to lose that twenty or forty dollars each week from their welfare entitlements.

"Tasmanians with disabilities, and single parents face a battle getting through each day as it is. I still cannot understand what motivates the Howard Government to go after society’s most vulnerable people.

"I support TASCOSS’ Action Network and expect to hear from many of my constituents who share the widely held concern that the Welfare to Work legislation should be made fairer.

"If it is not, Denison's most vulnerable people will be cast into crisis and poverty, and our charity organisations are already stretched to their limit," Mr Kerr said.