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The Labor Party's plan for our country.

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The Labor Party's Plan For Our Country Kim Beazley - Leader of the Opposition

Media Statement - 22 January 2001

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National Secretary Geoff Walsh and I are today releasing an important package - the fundamental principles for the first term of a Beazley Labor Government.

Between now and election day you will be hearing a lot about our four major priorities:

Rebuilding Medicare and our public hospitals; ● Quality education for all Australians, not just the rich; ● Better living standards for everyone, whether they live in the country or the city; ● Building a Knowledge Nation, investing in the skills and knowledge of all our people. ●

You will be hearing a lot about these key themes because we believe in them, passionately and absolutely. They are the issues that set us clearly apart from the harsh, divisive policies of the Coalition, and they are the foundations on which I will build a new Labor Government. Labor is about sensible economic management and restoring decent education, public health and living standards for all.

Today marks the start of Labor's election campaign. We are releasing a pocket-sized card, a pamphlet and a video. Each identifies our themes and outlines Labor's intentions. The cards, pamphlets and videos will be given to our candidates, our party members and to members of the public. We are proud of what we stand for, and excited about what we will achieve in government.

A Beazley Labor Government will break down the barriers that John Howard has built, investing in the people and places left behind by the Howard Government. Only Labor will take Australia forward, and ensure that we all move forward together.

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Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.